Tuesday, July 23, 2024

In a world where negativity often gets the spotlight, and positive contributions frequently go unnoticed, the A.C.E. Awards bring a refreshing change by celebrating the young achievers in our community. A.C.E., which stands for Area Children Excelling, is a program designed to honor children who have made a big difference through their volunteer work, or have achieved something amazing in their personal lives.

The A.C.E. Awards provide a platform for children to share their stories, inspiring others to pursue their passions and give generously of their time and talents.

By honoring volunteer service and remarkable achievements, the A.C.E. Awards hope to inspire children to work hard, and contribute positively to their community. while reminding adults of the incredible potential within our youth, encouraging us to support and nurture them as they grow into the leaders of the future.

If you know local children who have accomplished something awesome or given back to the community, we’d love to hear about them!

Check back soon for our very first A.C.E. report!

Family Friendly Town – Calabash will award up to 12 A.C.E. awards per calendar year. Each A.C.E. will receive a certificate from Family Friendly Town and a treat from a local business. Let’s celebrate our kids!